Must-Visit Cities For Food-Loving Travellers

Hungry for adventure and unique food? Food-loving travellers not just want to see the awesome travel destinations and new culture but also to have a taste of the best local food.

Travelling the world and experiencing new dishes are a good combination. Here are some of the must-visit cities for food-loving travellers.

Paris, France
Paris is a great city with great food. The city is known as the gastronomic hub of France. Enjoy great tasting food like fresh baguettes, croissants, duck confit, crepes, steak frites, escargot, cheese and more. Whether you eat food from a street vendor or sipping champagne at a popular restaurant in the city, you will surely have a delectable feast.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. It’s easy to see why it is one of the world’s greatest foodie cities. Here you can get the freshest and best sushi and sashimi in the world, ramen, yakitori, kaiseki, onigiri, and tempura, among other foods. In Japan, traditional food is a significant aspect of the culture and considered a world heritage. That’s why people are genuinely devoted to food.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires is becoming one of the best eating destinations in the world.
This city is known to be the steak capital of the world. Then, dine out on some of the best steaks and get a taste of the Spanish, European, and French influence in their cuisine. Also, you can enjoy other dishes like traditional empanadas, mouthwatering choripan sandwiches, and street food at local parrillas or meat vendors.